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I Help Women Get Free from Food Frustration & Body-weight Obsession, so they can Shine their Light and Thrive in Life

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Naomi Nygaard, MA, UKAHPP, Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist, Coach, Food Freedom Guide & Mentor

Imagine a life where you’re no longer preoccupied with food & your body … A life where this freed-up energy is channelled into your passion, peace and purpose, taking your life to a whole new level of thriving….

“With Naomi’s guidance I am now finally free from my lifelong obsession with how much or how little I eat and how my body and other womens’ bodies look.  It’s a massive weight off my mind. I’m finally enjoying my life.”
  [Rosa, New Jersey.*]

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“For me, a key learning on this program has been to slow down by breathing more deeply, and to remember that thirst can be masquerading as hunger. I’ve learned to breathe ever deeper as a practice, and this now ripples out to all areas of my life.

Prior to this, it was like I had been trying to knit a complex jumper with odd-sized needles and without a pattern to follow. This programme has been working gently in me; picking up stitches dropped long ago; undoing a purl row where it should have been plain; bringing order to the colours of the Fair Isle design. All this, happening with kindness and gentleness. My jumper may be ready to wear in the Winter…or it may not! Nevertheless, the pattern is emerging, ever more beautifully, with every breath I take. Thank you, Naomi.”

Grace Bird, Adelaide, South Australia.

“The 3 month program filled me with energy and inspiration, and set me on my path to total food freedom … I’m so delighted with the change in my relationship with food.  After many years of struggling in this area of my life, I am finally treating myself with compassion.  I love my body, and I’ve lost half a stone (7 pounds) as a welcome byproduct of becoming free from negative cycles with food.”


“I just completed Naomi’s online course and I want to say a huge “Thank you.” The sharing was deep and personal and all delivered in an incredibly safe environment under Naomi’s adept skill as a facilitator … Naomi’s soft and effective style of presenting was exactly what I was looking for. I feel I am now more of a deliberate creator with how I choose to fuel this wonderful body and I thank Naomi and the exceptional group who all came powerfully together.” 

Marie Ruzicka, Transformational Storyteller and Best-selling author

Become free from food obsession … feel amazing in your body … then you can shine your light in the world the unique way only you can.

I have found my time working with Naomi hugely illuminating and, although sometimes challenging, self-awareness has come from a place of compassion which she helped me nurture. Being in a group of women with different life experiences but also so much common ground felt very nurturing and being able to witness each other’s journeys was very powerful.

Fiona Hutchings

“The FAB Freedom Self-study program gave me the manageable, simple and steady guidance and support I needed to bring an end to my lifelong obsession with food and my weight.”

Amelia, South London, UK.

“Naomi’s program and teachings opened the door to a transformational shift in my relationship with food and my body. She effectively and gently communicates a way to a deeply self-accepting relationship with all of the parts of my mind, including those that have used food consumption as a substitute for the deeper and more authentic care within I had been lacking … I can truly say that I no longer feel the need to hide from myself. This is not just theoretical, this is actual experience. I am not the same. I have changed.” 

Molly Derr, Gloucester, MA

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Naomi promotes a new paradigm: radical self-love as an end to food and bodyweight stuckness and shame forever.  She knows that when women are free from food and body burdens, we can access our creativity, joy and gifts to create a better world.  

Her mission is to empower and equip women in groups and individuals to align with their own visions of food freedom and inner-harmony and help them cross that line to live those dreams.

  • Creator and founder of FAB (Food & Body) Foundations, and FAB (Food & Body) Thriving online programs
  • Founder of the Freedom Steps, where courageous women unite in loving their bodies today
  • Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist, Dance Movement Psychotherapist (MA), and UKAHPP registered therapist.
  • Owner of Welloa: towards gentle, profound, and lasting freedom from compulsions and addictions of any kind.

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[*Some referee names on this site have been changed to protect anonymity.]

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