A Growing Awareness

Growing in awareness, sometimes known as ‘mindfulness practice’ involves discovering what has been blocking us from thriving in life.  It is the practice of feeling free, even in the midst of mine or others’ suffering.  That way, we can start to bring our real gifts to the world.

Practicing mindful awareness meditation regularly, both in a group and alone, formed the first step to my freedom from the cycle of my addictive relationships to food, romantic connections, and cyclical negative thinking which kept me stuck in my life.  It provided me with the beginnings of awareness of somewhere within my body that I could call home. 

This ‘somewhere’ grew over time to fill most of my body, most of the time.  It is a resource I believe we all have: an anchor, unshakeable, always there, always accepting us, always loving us.

Practicing mindful awareness regularly awakens us to this resource which has been there all along.

In my therapy and coaching, I will serve you by continuing to bring us both back to that essential, nourishing mystery that connects us all.  It is the inner healer that can become obscured from our awareness when we struggle with compulsive habits.  Obscured perhaps, but never lost.

In our work together, I commit to return again and again to that resource in myself.  This is the best way I can serve you to come to know your own infinite capacity to heal.