Food, Body and Life: Autumn/Winter 2024

We will be gathering together in a small women’s weekly online group ~ Food, Body and Life ~ Autumn 2024:

What is the Focus of the Group?

The group will allow you the opportunity to explore and heal your relationship with food and your body, as well as process feelings and experiences as they arise in your day-to-day life.

The group will facilitate awareness, appreciation and peaceful communication between Self and parts. You will be supported to express and process unfelt emotions causing food burden cycles and stuck places in relation to yourself and others.   

If you wish, the space can be used to support you in your journey through the Food and Body Freedom Steps and Starpoints in a gentle, held space with a regular supportive structure. There will be the option to begin this journey at your own pace between sessions in order to deepen and consolidate your healing with body and food.  Otherwise you may wish to simply work with what is happening in your life, or with whatever parts arise during each session.  

Whatever you need the space to be, you will be witnessed with presence and respect and held by myself and the other women. Over time, you will be invited to go deeper for the purpose of becoming sustainably free from anything that blocks you from joy and peace within your body, with food and in your life.

Is This Group Right For Me?

This group is ideal if you’ve been on a healing path in some form for some time.  You may already have understanding and experience working with parts of self to gain increased clarity and connection within. This work offers valuable extra support if you already receive regular individual therapy and body-work, or have some kind of somatic spiritual practice such as meditation, dance or breathwork.

This group is aimed at women who feel relatively settled and grounded in their lives at this time, rather than being in a place of major upheaval, transition, or turmoil.  If you feel as though the latter is true for you, you may instead wish to consider regular individual therapy sessions, either with myself or another therapist.  Please feel free to contact me and check availability for individual therapy sessions here.

Will The Group Be Open or Closed?

The group will remain small and intimate – a maximum of five women at any one time.  It will be ‘semi-closed’, meaning that new members will only be invited periodically rather than regularly, and never once a new six week period has begun.  Before anyone new is invited to join, we will take time as a group to discuss and process thoughts and feelings about this and speak for any parts arising.

How long will the group run and when will we meet?

The group is ongoing and will be weekly with the exception of planned breaks and holidays.  Dates will be scheduled, confirmed and paid for in advance every six weeks and you will take part in the group for as long you need. 

The weekly session time will be on a Monday 5.00-6.30pm UK time.  Dates planned for the next six week block Oct-Dec 2024 will be confirmed sometime from Spring 2024. (Later scheduled sessions will follow straight on from this 6-week block, or else we may take a short break before recommencing: further dates to be confirmed or get in touch with me here to be on a wait list.)

As well as the scheduled session time, I suggest that ideally you also factor in some buffer-time around the sessions: 15 minutes to prepare, settle, and centre yourself before the session begins, and 15 – 30 mins afterwards both in case we run over a little, and to allow yourself some quieter more reflective time before heading into the rest of your day. 

Please note that this is an ideal only – something to aim for in order to get the most out of the experience.

Please let me know here if you are interested in the group but already know that you cannot make the above proposed dates and I will add your name to an interest list for any future groups scheduled on other days/times.

Your Companion Guide​

Naomi Nygaard is Founder of FAB (Food and Body) Freedom, a Certified Internal Family Systems and Somatic psychotherapist, and coach and healer with over twelve years experience helping people individually and in groups to identify and release their inner blocks to achieving freedom from compulsive food cycles, and discover the life and body they love.

Naomi herself became free around food and body-weight obsession 15 years ago, and has been increasingly thriving from these roots of freedom ever since. The foundations of her freedom were created in 3 months, and the 3 month program is based on this process.

To find out more about how Naomi overcame her own struggles with food and body image, click here to head to her about page.

What is the Investment to be Part of the Group?

The investment for the group is £260.00 for each 6-week-period, and payment is due a week in advance of every new 6-week-period. 
Payment of the first 6 weeks will act as your deposit to secure your place in the group.
The commitment is required to attend all sessions if possible. 
No refunds will be given within one month of the group commencement.
For more information and for details of how to secure your place, please click through the button below.