Freedom Steps Free One-Day Online Course

Are you tired of feeling stuck in habits you just know are compulsive, but with no real sense of how to get free for good?

Are you stuggling with your self-esteem after many failed attempts to change your behaviours … behavours that you know aren’t serving you?

Are you through with allowing preoccupations and obsessions to take up so much of your energy and headspace, and ready to live beyond this tangle of your mind … a life of creativity, freedom and joy?

If you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, this one day course is a good fit for you. It will support you to create the conditions to:

– Identify your Self in all of this: that which is free from this inner-conflict … and start to experience this more in your life in an effortless, natural way

– Sow seeds that will lead to transformational shifts in mindset

Have fun within a group of on a similar journey of freedom

The Freedom Steps One Day Online Course offers a simple, step-by-step nourishing process outlining the path to freedom from negative emotions around whatever we do to relax, escape, or numb-out in this life … those things part of us wishes we wouldn’t.

This is an experiential, interactive one-day course.  It is suitable for people wishing to find freedom from energy-draining habits, thoughts and behaviours.  It will allow you to identify and clarify your own unique path of freedom, inner-balance, clarity and ease in your body and in your life.

Spring 2022:

March 13th 10am-12noon EST (3-5pm UK time)
May 5th
10am-12noon EST (3-5pm UK time)

More dates forthcoming: send me a message below here if you’d like to be added to the list.

This course will be online so that wherever you are in the world , you are welcome to attend …

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“Naomi’s guidance is insightful, clear and compassionate. Her energy is rich and draws us in in such a way that we are gently encouraged to look at ourselves deeply, without judgment.

I feel a newfound commitment to help the parts within me to know they are supported and do not have to do this alone.

Between group and individual sessions I was given support and offered accountability. I enjoyed setting my own eating guidelines and I am finding myself feeling better and better able to live into them. In just a few weeks, the despair around food and my body is lifting and I have hope.”

Jaynee, Rapid City, South Dakota

“Thanks so much Naomi for our last session. Just wanted to share how heard I felt and how important it is to me to be hand-led back to listening to my inner child that has been so frightened … I’m finding with the wonderful connections I have from the group program and from individual sessions that I’m being reminded again to take time for resting and to connect with and listen to my parts … reassure them that I’m here to listen … that I want to hear them.

I’m glad to say my meal planning and eating 3 x per day is getting better … there is less shame and beating myself up – just go do what I need to do and continue with less drama and more gentleness and love for myself.

Starting to care for myself and particularly the little one within is becoming more of a joy than a chore – practice changes things over time 🤗 🙏 🧡 😁 thanks for reading xx well wishes to all on their journeys!”

Malasula (Brighton, UK)

Naomi Nygaard, MA, is an Internal Family Systems Therapist, Freedom Mentor and Coach.

She has worked with hundreds of people over the years – including herself – to discover freedom from compulsive and addictive habits of all kinds, and to live a happy, healthy and thriving life. 

You can find out more about Naomi’s struggles, and how she overcame them, here.