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Interviews with Joy Taylor

Freedom from Addictive & Compulsive Cycles through “The Freedom Steps”

Join me for this interview with my friend and interview host coach, consultant, author and speaker Joy TaylorJoy Clarissa Taylor is the founder of A Soul Inspired Life and author of “Inspired: 7 Wisdoms of a Soul Inspired Life”. 

 Here we explore the path to freedom from addictive and compulsive cycles: “The Freedom Steps”. This is a journey of healing from addiction integrating Internal Family Systems and an embodied awareness practice, as well as drawing on the timeless spiritual principles of 12 Step recovery. 

What comes up for you when you hear the word ‘addiction’? Many people have negative associations with the word. In this interview, we will exploring our own feelings and beliefs about recovery and find out how our own openness and curiosity towards our compulsive cycles is the main ingredients for their healing

Working with our anger as a vehicle to heal compulsive addictive cycles and chronic pain, uncovering
our vitality and life purpose

In Part 2 of this mini-interview series with my friend, coach and consultant, author and speaker, Joy Taylor, we get cosy with the oft-untouched topic of anger. The energy of anger can be reclaimed as a healthy, helpful vital force through creating a safe container of friendly witnessing. In this way, the energy it generates can be channelled into positive changes in our life and in the world. When we have done this important work of integrating our anger, we find that we can respond to our own life challenges and those we face as a human family with more ease, strength and wisdom.

Bea Marshall Interviews Naomi Nygaard

Join me and host Bea Marshall, parenting expert & guide, and founder of “Yes Parenting”. In this interview, we explore how protective parts of us in overdrive make our lives small, tight and shut down, and how to help them free up so we can begin living the life of our dreams.

Retreats & Seminars with Naomi Nygaard and Frances Goodall

Internal Family Systems & Family Constellations: A Live Online Seminar and Retreat

Allow therapists Naomi Nygaard and Frances Goodall to guide you through this experiential hour of learning and healing, interspersed with stories from their own experience of recovery from a troubled relationship with food and poor body-image, as well as from chronic ill health. 

The hour is speckled with moments of quiet meditation and contemplation and guided visualisations to support you in connecting with your own family system and ancestors, and to understand and respect the different parts within you.

Family Constellations Meets Internal Family Systems: A Retreat for Healing through Embodiment

Join me Naomi Nygaard and my fellow-therapist and healer Frances Goodall for this delicious and luxurious hourlong online retreat, exploring coming more gently and fully into our bodies and lives using Family Constellations and Internal Family Systems.

To find out more about my work supporting and guiding healing of compulsive addictive cycles with food and body weight, go here.

Frances Goodall is the author of “You Can Heal Chronic Illness: The Lotus Process ~ 8 Steps to Health and Happiness”. You can find out more here about how she supports and guides the healing of chronic illnesses for women here.