Healing For All Addictive & Compulsive Cycles: About

The most important step to changing the world is to free ourselves from any addictive-compulsive cycles that are blocking us from experiencing our natural, joyful, contented, alive, peaceful Selves…

Is there something you feel stuck doing over and over?  Is there a habit you practice that you know is preventing you growing into your full and glorious potential in this life?

No matter how big or small you perceive your habit to be…

… perfectionism, busyness, over-working, procrastination, Netflix, YouTube, late-night wine, porn, romance, sweets, screen-time, controlling yours and others’ lives, drugs, money-making, being slim and looking young, over-spending, busyness, your own phone… constant thinking…

…this habit could be locking up vast stores of calm creative energy and eroding your chance of intimacy with yourself, with others, and with life itself. 

These habits signal all the ways we try to manipulate and change
how we feel… all the ways we try to feel soothed, settled, and good enough.  When we turn away from our actual feelings, lives and relationships to soothe and stimulate ourselves repeatedly with a habit or fantasy, our inner pain and shame grows in strength over time.  We are left feeling we have no choice but to turn still more
to our habit just to feel okay. 

These repeated patterns are progressively life-dulling.  They are
at play within our families, in our workplaces and at organisational, governmental and global levels. 

Ask Yourself These Questions:

Are you struggling to trust yourself after many failed attempts to find freedom from an addictive or compulsive cycle in your life?

Have you given up drinking or smoking, only to find that over-working or overeating becomes more extreme for you… like swapping one addictive pattern for another?

And Ask Yourself This:

Are you ready to regain clarity, energy, headspace, and a healthy sense of forward momentum and growth
in your life?

If you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, here’s what I know:


Recovery from these habits doesn’t mean ‘settling for less’ or ‘no longer trying to improve’.  It means waking up from the dream that tells us that happiness, fulfilment and power are ‘out there’.  When we make this shift, our actions flow from a new place, a fresh place: an understanding that we are whole and enough just as we are. 

No matter how long you’ve been struggling with this maddening inner-battle, I believe without doubt that:

– you are equal to this
– with support and guidance you can heal yourself
– you can regain your own Self-trust
– you can find lasting positive change
– you can be free


There really IS a way out of this bind.  There is a way out of the constant hunting ‘out there’ to feel better and instead only feeling
ever worse. 

Many, many people have been run by addictive cycles in their lives and have found a way out to true freedom and life fulfilment.  Through following a path of recovery – not perfectly, but steadily and with support – you can be free too. 

I believe that where you are right now is just where you are meant to be in your own path of healing and waking up.

We are living in a society that is steeped in addiction to all of the things I listed and many more besides.  We have been trained and conditioned to numb ourselves out, and avoid feeling our feelings.  Often since childhood we have had easy access to things that offered repeated excitement and a ‘buzz’, things that at best brought us a temporary fix, but never lasting joy, ease or satisfaction. 

It’s not an easy lifetime in which to find freedom.  That is because humans abandoning themselves through consumption and addiction is the water we are swimming in.  Corporate big businesses profit greatly from a maintenance of this status quo.  Our governments’ leaders and other powerful influencers are often not encouraging us to empower ourselves, heal ourselves and discover the joy of a simple, wholesome life. 

However, if and when we are ready to seek support to face the truth of our experience, we can resolve our own inner battleground, find calmer, more vibrant and nourishing ways of being … and heal.  And to heal in this way is the most significant act of love we can make to bring about positive change in this hurting, wonderful world.

Work With Me

Through weekly therapy and coaching sessions, you will discover the support you need to create the conditions for lasting change and freedom from addictive cycles in your life.

“The FAB Freedom process filled me with energy and inspiration, and set me on my path to total food freedom. I loved the facilitated sessions with Naomi, and I loved the rhythm of pairing up with others in the group to share experiences and stay connected between sessions, as we did. I’m so delighted with the change in my relationship with food. After many years of struggling in this area of my life, I am finally treating myself with compassion. I love my body, and I’ve lost half a stone (7 pounds) as a welcome byproduct of becoming free from negative cycles with food. Thank you to Naomi and all in my group.” Natalka Webster, Manchester, UK

“I just completed Naomi’s online course and I want to say a huge “Thank you.” The sharing was deep and personal and all delivered in an incredibly safe environment under Naomi’s adept skill as a facilitator … Naomi’s soft and effective style of presenting was exactly what I was looking for. I feel I am now more of a deliberate creator with how I choose to fuel this wonderful body and I thank Naomi and the exceptional group who all came powerfully together.”

Marie Ruzicka,
Transformational Story-teller
and Best-selling Author,
Seattle, U.S.A.