Work With Me One-to-One

Do you feel stuck when it comes to food and your body weight, thinking or acting in the same ways, over and over, always seeming to end up back at the same place feeling like a failure?

Do you feel your relationship to body and food are preventing you growing into your full and glorious potential in this life?

Do you sense your food and body cycle is locking up vast stores of your creative energy, eroding your chance of intimacy with yourself, with others, and with life itself?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then I invite you to find food and body freedom through working with me.

Through weekly therapy and coaching sessions, you will discover the inner and outer support you need to create the conditions for lasting change from compulsive or addictive cycles with food and your body.
  This transformation is the key to opening up a whole new realm of possibility and positivity in your life path.

The sessions will guide you to:

  • Befriend and trust yourself around food again
  • Heal your relationship with yourself and those around you
  • Regain physcial health
  • Learn to relax and have fun again
  • Create foundations for regaining the direction that will align you with your life purpose, valuable contribution, and growth
  • Go with the flow of what is happening for you and create positive changes using your path of least resistance

Sessions with me are suitable for anyone: those with previous experience seeking food and body freedom and those with none.

I will facilitate and guide a journey of transformation fuelled only by your simple readiness … readiness to bring curiosity and openness to your relationship with food and your body, and to your inner terrain.  You will learn to bring kindness to all parts of you and discover that they are all working hard trying to keep you happy and safe in their own often limited ways.  In time, you will discover clarity as to how you want your life to be, and begin to live into this.

With some, I work organically week by week, for more freedom around food and your body-image, and a discovery of what is holding you back from more peace and harmony in your life.  Others may prefer to work with me using a more structured program of recovery.  I have created a method for this which combines Internal Family Systems therapy and body-based awareness, integrated with the ageless spiritual principles taken from the 12 Step program. 

I’ve named this integration of three elements The Food and Body Freedom Steps.  Go here to find out more. 

Your Companion Guide

Naomi Nygaard is Founder of FAB (Food and Body) Freedom, a Certified Internal Family Systems and Somatic psychotherapist, and coach and healer with over twelve years experience helping people individually and in groups to identify and release their inner blocks to achieving freedom from compulsive food cycles, and rediscover love and appreciation for body, food and life.

Naomi herself became free around food and body-weight obsession 15 years ago, and has been thriving from these roots of freedom ever since.
The foundations of her freedom were formed over 3 transformational months; the 3 month FAB Foundations program is based on this process.

To find out more about how Naomi overcame her own struggles with food and body image, click here to head to her about page.

“Thanks so much Naomi for our last session. Just wanted to share how heard I felt and how important it is to me to be hand-led back to listening to my inner child that has been so frightened … I’m finding with the wonderful connections I have from the group program and from individual sessions that I’m being reminded again to take time for resting and to connect with and listen to my parts … reassure them that I’m here to listen … that I want to hear them.

I’m glad to say my meal planning and eating 3 x per day is getting better … there is less shame and beating myself up – just go do what I need to do and continue with less drama and more gentleness and love for myself.

Starting to care for myself and particularly the little one within is becoming more of a joy than a chore – practice changes things over time 🤗 🙏 🧡 😁 thanks for reading xx well wishes to all on their journeys!”

Malasula (Brighton, UK)

After being stuck in cycles of restricting food and then bingeing for over four decades, I went from stuck to free in just 9 months of weekly individual sessions with Naomi. The positive impact of this on my life and choices is only just beginning to become clear to me.  I honestly didn’t think food freedom was possible before I begun this process. I’m still not used to feeling calm…!”

Elsa, Stockholm, Sweden

One-to-One Support and Guidance for Lasting Food and Body Freedom

Sessions with me are one to one either online by video conferencing* or in person, depending on your location.

Sessions can include a focus on progressing through the FAB Freedom Steps and implementing the FAB Starpoints if you wish.  We can discuss this when we meet.

*Zoom (recommended)

Discover Hope & Change

~ If you need your session/s to be delivered by a certain date/with a preferred regularity, please check
availability with me here before purchase. ~

Sessions for finding food and body freedom

60 Minute Session

90 Minute Session

Therapeutic Coaching Prepayment Packages

~ If you need your session/s to be delivered by a certain date/with a preferred regularity, please check
availability with me here before purchase. ~

Finding a Steady Rhythm

Discover breathing space within … slow the cycle and multiply your opportunities to receive lasting positive changes.

5 x 60 min sessions
OR 4 x 75 min sessions
OR 3 x 90 min session + 30 min check-in

Committing to Freedom

Totally shift into a new relationship with food and your body. Allow momentum to gather creating lasting positive change.

10 x 60 min sessions
OR 8 x 75 min sessions
OR 6 x 90 min session + 1 x 60 min session

To view my terms for individual sessions, please go here.

Your FAB Freedom 12 Month Total Transformation Experience

End the cycle-of-struggle with food and your body weight once-and-for-all.
Take back your health and peace-of-mind.
Make this next year starting now be the year to step forward into your chosen life path with a steady footing, from the solid ground of your health, and inner-ease.

  • 20 x 60 mins sessions and 20 x 30 min sessions (alternate weeks)
  • Contact with me throughout the year by email and/or Whatsapp, for feedback on tasks and assignments and a loving touchstone to serve you as you blossom and grow
  • A year’s membership to the 3 month FAB Freedom Foundations group program OR self-study process and the 6 month FAB Thriving group program OR self-study process, to take you from where you are to where you want to be in food, body, and life.
  • A wealth of videos, play-sheets and resources tailor-selected to support and guide you between our session, designed to suit the exact stage of your own personal journey every step of the way

People work with me in multiple ways. There is no set way to work with me; it is an organic process and it is unique to each individual and where they are at in their journey of food and body-image freedom. 
We can talk about this during our first session, or contact me here if you’d like to explore the best way for you, including whether you’d like to combine sessions with a journey through the FAB Freedom Steps.

My reflections on Naomi as a therapist facilitating my food and body freedom over the past year:

Your foundation: mindfuness…Establishing that food is not only an important fulcrum

Your insight…. but also that it needs to be my primary object of meditation for now

Your presence… Self-led, caring & curious, focuses on what’s most important

Your knowledge… from meditation to IFS to groups/12-Step

Your conviction… that ‘we can’t do this alone’

Your dedication… to yourself, your clients and your group programs

Your professionalism… on paper and in person: the sense of ‘I’m in capable hands’.

Your leadership… of a group, plus handling the technology interface beautifully

Your innovation… seeing, implementing, delivering, flexing, revising…

Your uniqueness… healing voice, expressive personality, delightful humour, relatable to anyone

Your inclusiveness… creating a setting where my parts can experience themselves as they’d wish

Your message…that “I can live with food much more comfortably,
both when it’s time to eat and when it’s time to not eat,
yielding calmness that’s anxiety free and freeing”…produced immediate results!

Joyce, Seattle, Washington USA