About Me

Naomi Nygaard is a Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist and Somatic psychotherapist, coach and healer with over ten years joyful success guiding women individually and in groups to identify and release their blocks to achieving total lasting freedom from compulsive food cycles, love their body, and step into a thriving life.

Hello, I’m Naomi Nygaard,

Food-and-Body-Freedom Companion-guide, therapist, coach, speaker, and inspirational program facilitator, I’ve helped hundreds of women discover freedom from food and body-weight obsession and step with confidence into a life of peace and thriving. 

I promote a new paradigm: radical self-love as an end to food and bodyweight stuckness and shame forever.  I knows that when we women are free from food and body burdens, we can access our creativity, joy and gifts to create a better world.  

My mission is to empower and equip women in groups and individuals to align with their own visions of food freedom and inner-harmony, and help them cross that line to finally live them.

I know first-hand the hopeless feelings that go hand-in-hand with negative cycles of food and body-weight.  I found total freedom from years feeling trapped eating certain foods and desperate to lose weight and stay slim. 

I found joy, health and an end to the madness of this cycle.  First, I learned to slow this long-time cycle to a spiral, and then I found I could blossom right out of the heart of it! I’ve been maintaining a healthy body-weight, a wholesome, joyful, delicious and easy-going relationship with food, and a happy life ever since: for the past 15 years.

Read more about My Story below …

I’m a woman who’s in love with life, grateful to do work I love with amazing, powerful women like you, and loving living this life as a wife, daughter, aunt, sister, psychotherapist, therapeutic coach and transformation-manifesting guide for women who wish to move beyond obsession with food and their body-weight.

It brings me joy when women release naomi flowerthe illusion that there’s no hope for them: that true health, joy, ease, and love of their bodies may be for others, but is never for them.  

My life becomes richer when one more woman discovers how to live vibrantly and joyfully, free from her addictive, compulsive, or obsessive relationship with food and weight-loss, and starts to step into her power as a woman living out her real dreams. 

I help women rekindle a deep sense of being okay in the world and reclaim the courage to live the full life that is her birth right.

For the past ten years, I have found myself committed to an ongoing journey discovering what works to heal addiction to certain foods and to judging ourselves and shaming our bodies.  I’ve met many courageous, wholehearted, and passionate women like you along the way.

Devoting my energy to guiding women through the same process which gave me back my life is central to my purpose in this lifetime.  This work is ongoing for me: I learn as much if not more from the people I work with as they do from me.  I consider us all to be walking alongside one another, equals sharing our experiences of this journey of freedom and thriving. 

In the group programs and individual sessions I run, together we co-create a reality beyond the negative food and body cycles, so we can blossom towards our full growth as the powerful, vibrant women we naturally are.

My Story

For twenty years I was mired in a crazy-making cycle, addicted to foods containing heaps of sugar and refined flour – stuff like pastries, cakes, chocolate and sweets.   My addiction drove my life into the ground and kept my dreams of what I could be, do and have way out of reach.

I learned first-hand how to move beyond food addiction to true healing and freedom.  I adopted an holistic, simple, step-by-step method to recover my health, happiness and self-worth, and I’ve been enjoying these gifts for the past eight years.  My life is now filled with loving relationships and nourishing creativity.  I know that this life of freedom, peace, ease, and pleasure within our own body is waiting for you too.  I’m committed to walking by your side as you discover these gifts for yourself.

When I was 10

I was born in a very rural part of West Wales.  My parents owned a wholefood shop and between stock from the shop and produce from our vegetable garden and orchard, I grew up a very healthy eater.

I had always been a normal weight and despite all the junk food I ate throughout my teenage years I burned the calories off easily, simply through all the growing I was doing.

It wasn’t until I went to university that I begun to gain weight.  I found it a hard time, getting used to living away from home, trying to fit in socially despite being extremely shy, and needing to take care of things I’d never had to do before.  I found myself turning to sugary and carbs foods – cakes, chocolate – for comfort.

What began as an unconscious habit took on momentum and gradually spiralled over the years into something I couldn’t control.  It begun to frighten me how little I felt in control of what and how much I ate of these types of food.

My weight fluctuated wildly, with bouts of self-discipline and rigorous exercise in between periods of binging.  I became secretive about my eating and I mercilessly judged my body, feeling unworthy of receiving sexual pleasure or sensual enjoyment until the day I could somehow reach the ‘perfect weight’ I aspired to.  But as with many aims for perfection, that day never arrived: in my eyes, I was never good enough to be worthy of my own love and care, or that of anyone else.

My recovery began thirteen years ago when I finally began to accept my need for support and inspiration with my food and in my life, and to allow myself to receive it.  Gradually, gently, over the years, I have built into the fabric of my life a system of self-care and ongoing growth which has enabled me to maintain a healthy body weight and a baseline joy and calmness of body-mind for many years.  Today, I enjoy a loving relationship with my body, trusting its fluctuating energy levels to guide me.  I feel comfortable in my sexuality and I know that I deserve the pleasure, joy and rest that is essential for living a healthy life.

I have spent the past eight years witnessing the transformation of many women, as they recover their lives from the grip of the endless cycle of dieting and bingeing.

Why am I passionate about this work?

I enjoy connecting with others and learning how to let our truths co-create a new way forward for you with your relationship with food, people, your body, money or time and then naturally, from there, with your life.  I love to help people reconnect with a sense of joy and aliveness that has always been there, often buried deep beneath pain, confusion, or obsession.  I enjoy being a catalyst to you finding your own way back to the peace and joy that is at your core and to reconnect with your vision for your life.

Who I am?  What do I believe?

No matter what the “experts” say, your own intuitive wisdom about what is right for you to do, eat and feel always knows best.  With right input which activates your innate inner support, moment by moment, we find our own way through any difficulty.

Love is always there, even in the midst of our pain.  We can learn to notice this and cultivate an awareness of this.

Our bodies often hold the key to our pain, and our capacity to heal lies within our willingness to be present in our bodies. Simple awareness without judgment or pushing ourselves brings transformation.  This occurs when the right support is in place.

Those of us with food issues can most easily begin this healing process once a peaceful relationship with food is established: this newfound relationship can act as a foundation of inner and outer support for this growth.

I’ve learned more about myself in relationship with others than I ever learned in isolation.

I love the smell of soil in summer after rain.

Music is the medicine my soul craves.  Moving my body to music has got me through many a dark time.