Terms of Individual One-to-One Sessions


Everything we discuss in our sessions is confidential, except

1.  for the purposes of supervision.

2. unless in my opinion there may be a risk of harm to you or others.  

I receive ongoing supervision to allow me to gain support and guidance in my work and to check that I am working ethically and competently.  If I refer to you in supervision, it will be using your first name only. Any other distinguishing features will be kept confidential in order to keep your identity anonymous.


Sessions are normally 1, 1.25 or 1.5 hours long, to be pre-decided by you. Of course, you are free to end the session early if you wish. We would normally meet weekly, unless we agree that sessions are on an ad hoc/as needed basis. Our initial session is an opportunity for us both to meet one another and to get a feel for whether sessions together will be a good fit for you. Once in the process of meeting regularly, we will review the work that we are doing together periodically. This will give us both the chance to assess how we are doing together, and whether the therapy or clinical consultation continues to be right for you. If you do decide to stop attending our sessions, I would like to be told about this and, if possible, for us to have an ending session.

The cost of our sessions can be found here: https://fab-freedom.com/prices/. Full payment for the session is due in advance, no less than 48 hours prior to your session. Full payment for pre-payment packages are due before any of the sessions in the package take place. Please note that the discounted rate of a package-of-sessions is by prepayment only: unless payment is received before the session, the increased amount for a one-off session is due for that session. All unpaid balances must be settled before any further sessions commence.

I will require 48 hours notice in advance if you can’t make a session. It is fine to leave a message on my answerphone or send a text or email if you need to cancel as these are checked regularly.  The full fee is payable if a session is missed without giving 48 hours prior notice.   

My bank details for BACS transfers within the U.K. are as follows (please do not use Paypal for payments within the U.K. due to fees I incur for this):

WELLOA LIMITED (Lloyds Business Bank Account)

Acc no.: 24529662

Sort code: 77-74-01

For international payments, please use the PayPal buttons on my website for making payments. Click the following link that relates to you and scroll down to find the buttons:

Therapy for Food and Body Freedom: https://fab-freedom.com/prices/

Therapy for healing other addictive processes: https://fab-freedom.com/one-to-one-therapy/

I can also accept Paypal payments to Welloa Ltd. at naominygaard@gmail.com.

My fees are subject to regular review and I commit to keeping you informed in advance of any change before it takes effect.  


I work online using Zoom and I’ll send you a link by email before each session. For backup, if the Zoom connection fails, my mobile phone number to call from the US is (011) + 44 7816 366 351.  Appointments can also be via FaceTime, Skype, Whatsapp, or a non-video phone-call if you’d prefer.


Food and Body Freedom:

You may decide you want to focus our individual sessions specifically on a journey through the FAB (Food and Body) Freedom Steps and an implementation of the FAB Starpoints to provide guidance, structure, accountability and support between our sessions. I suggest a good pace is one FAB Step and one Starpoint per month, with two individual sessions within that month for feedback, accountability, and support, although you may receive more material than this at a quicker pace if you wish. If you’re curious about the FAB Freedom Steps or Freedom Steps process and you’d like to know more, please do let me know, or follow these links: 

Food and Body Freedom Steps:


Food and Body Freedom Starpoints:


You can purchase these as bundles separately from our individual sessions. Please see details of the investment for this here:  https://fab-freedom.com/self-study-program/

Equally, if you’d prefer that our Therapy/Coaching unfolded organically without this added focus, that is also totally fine and beneficial to you.

Clinical consultation towards IFS Certification:

If you are working towards IFS Certification and have enlisted me as a clinical consultant for support and guidance in this, please be aware of the following:

This is a process which ideally includes regular and structured sessions towards this end. Though I take detailed notes after each of your sessions which show me your progress and any gaps to completion, I will also likely also need to see your work via a video, and compare the evidence I’ve gathered against the 8 Core Competencies stipulated by the IFS Institute.  Please note that any assessment of your work and administration processing your application which is additional to your regular sessions will be charged by the hour at my usual hourly rate.

Please note that IFS Consultation is not the equivalent of Clinical Supervision towards any formal licensure process; I operate independently and am not affiliated with the IFS Institute directly.


It is not okay to attend our sessions whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol or to harm yourself in any way during the sessions.  

Please inform me if you are taking any medication, prescribed or otherwise.


Generally, the only contact in between sessions, either by email or phone, will be for the purposes of organising appointment times, rearranging or cancelling sessions. I may occasionally send you a recommendation of a book, film or other resource if I think it would be useful based on what you’ve shared with me in our sessions. 


You are free to stop booking appointments at any time and are not under any ongoing obligation. I may also initiate an ending to our sessions if I feel that I am unable to continue to work with you for any reason.  If this is the case, I will let you know as soon as this becomes clear to me.  Reasons for this may include feeling that you would be better served by a therapist with a different skill-set or that it would be more beneficial to you going forward to have sessions with someone in person rather than online.


If you should have any complaints about the way that I work, please let me know; we can discuss what has happened between us.  If necessary, I can provide you with the details of UKAHPP’s complaints handling procedure.