The Food and Body Freedom Starpoints

What support needs to be in place to be free from food and body obsession?

The Six-Pointed Star of Food and Body Freedom guides the process of freedom we can experience and the elements that need to be in place to make it sustainable.  This is the path I walked myself, and these Starpoints highlight the healing methods available to the many women I’ve supported and guided to themselves be free.

The Star shows the holistic nature of freedom – a collection of actions, perhaps more of a garden than steps,
where every part of the garden is kept tended for maintaining food and body freedom.

The FAB Starpoints provide us with the six anchors required to get totally free, and stay free.

We don’t need to get perfect: we are fine just the way we are.  However, I believe that when every point
on this star is shining in our lives, we have found and can maintain a
rhythm of sustainable freedom from food and body-weight challenges.

When we slip or falter, we can come back to our centre and reflect on which point of the star might need a polish
and on what inner or outer support to call in for this.

What Are The FAB Freedom Starpoints?

The Starpoints provide the system of support necessary while journeying along the FAB Freedom Steps.  They are:

1. Creating Space for Stillness, Gentleness,  & Awareness
2. Accountability and Support from Others
3. Slowing the Food Burden Cycle
4. Loving Food Boundaries
5. Finding our Flow
6. Happy in our Skin

The Starpoints create the inner space and peace necessary for discharging negative emotions and healing and releasing burdens that are keeping us enslaved to food and body-weight obsession.

The FAB Starpoints are to be used as part of the FAB Freedom Steps program of recovery.  This process is suitable for anyone: those with previous experience seeking and finding freedom from disordered or obsessive relationships with body and food, or with none.  I will facilitate and guide a journey of transformation fuelled only by your simple readiness … readiness to bring curiosity to your own unique experiences with food and body and openness to journey within at your own pace to the site of both burdens and freedom.

The FAB Freedom Starpoints act as supportive handrails to hold onto in our journey of the FAB Freedom Steps
The FAB Freedom Steps in turn offer complete and lasting recovery from any compulsive or addictive cycle
you may be experiencing connected to how and what you eat, how you exercise, and what you weigh. 
I invite you to embark on this journey of the FAB Freedom Steps with the support of the FAB Freedom Starpoints
to offer structure and direction for your individual sessions with me.  Alternatively, you can

Discover more about the Six Food and Body Freedom Starpoints here:

“Thanks so much Naomi for our last session. Just wanted to share how heard I felt and how important it is to me to be hand-led back to listening to my inner child that has been so frightened … I’m finding with the wonderful connections I have from the group program and from individual sessions that I’m being reminded again to take time for resting and to connect with and listen to my parts … reassure them that I’m here to listen … that I want to hear them.

I’m glad to say my meal planning and eating 3 x per day is getting better … there is less shame and beating myself up – just go do what I need to do and continue with less drama and more gentleness and love for myself.

Starting to care for myself and particularly the little one within is becoming more of a joy than a chore – practice changes things over time 🤗 🙏 🧡 😁 thanks for reading xx well wishes to all on their journeys!”

Malasula (Brighton, UK)

Your Companion Guide

Naomi Nygaard is Founder of FAB (Food and Body) Freedom, a Certified Internal Family Systems and Somatic psychotherapist, and a coach and healer with over twelve years experience helping people individually and in groups to identify and release their inner blocks to achieving freedom from compulsive food cycles, and to love their body and their life.

Naomi herself became free around food and body-weight obsession 15 years ago, and has been increasingly thriving from these roots of freedom ever since. The foundations of her freedom were created in 3 months, and the 3 month FAB Freedom program is based on this process. To find out more about how Naomi overcame her own struggles with food and body image, click here to head to her about page.

“For me, a key learning on this program has been to slow down by breathing more deeply, and to remember that thirst can be masquerading as hunger. I’ve learned to breathe ever deeper as a practice, and this now ripples out to all areas of my life.

As I reflected today on this journey, I felt that prior to this, it was like I had been trying to knit a complex jumper with odd-sized needles and without a pattern to follow. This programme has been working gently in me; picking up stitches dropped long ago; undoing a purl row where it should have been plain; bringing order to the colours of the Fair Isle design. All this, happening with kindness and gentleness. My jumper may be ready to wear in the Winter…or it may not! Nevertheless, the pattern is emerging, ever more beautifully, with every breath I take. Thank you, Naomi.”

Grace Bird, Adelaide, South Australia