Fellow Professionals

Laura Wood

“I’ve just spent three days co-hosting a retreat with Naomi for bringing healing for eating disorders through Internal Family Systems and Embodiment.  Naomi has a soulful, gentle presence which brings clarity and calmness to the inner conflicts that cause stuck places in relationship to food and body-image.  I would recommend her as a therapist to any individual or group seeking a softening of the suffering an eating disorder can bring.  Her facilitation helps bring about the foundations for long-lasting, positive change.”

Laura L. Wood, PhD, Assistant Professor
Division of Expressive Therapies, Lesley University 
North American Drama Therapy Association President

Richard Schwartz

Richard Schwartz, the founder and creator of Internal Family Systems (IFS), and Naomi’s own guide and mentor over her many years developing this program, endorses the FAB Freedom Programs and methods here.  For more information about IFS, go here:

Mary Kruger

“I would highly recommend Naomi for anyone struggling with an eating disorder or addiction.  Naomi weaves together her background in somatic breath-and-movement-based psychotherapy, her own grounding in 12 Step recovery, and her skill as an IFS therapist to create programs, facilitate groups and support individuals to find freedom from addictive cycles.  I value what Naomi contributes to the IFS community and I enjoy our ongoing connection as therapists specialising in the area of addiction recovery.”

Mary Kruger, MS, LMFT, AAMFT supervisor and IFS Lead Trainer. She is founder of Rimmon Pond Counseling, LLC; an IFS based group practice located in the New Haven, Ct. USA. She also offers private therapy, consultations and workshops nationally and internationally.

Fi Jamieson-Folland D.O, The LifeStyle Aligner, is an Osteopath and Nutritional Health Coach with whom Naomi has worked closely as a fellow-researcher into the best ways to enable energy to flow and movement to be joyful for those who have challenges with food, body-weight, and body-image.

“I attended one of Naomi Nygaard’s workshops earlier this year and it was fabulous. I love how she combines IFS with family constellations – two really powerful complimentary models for transformation… I would highly recommend working with Naomi.” 

Charmain Berry
Accredited Trauma-Focused Psychotherapist,
Manchester, UK.

“Naomi is a trusted colleague who I would unhesitatingly recommend to anyone needing the targeted approach that IFS offers.  Her clients will find themselves in safe and caring hands.”

John Hillman
Registered Body-Centred Psychotherapist (EABP/CABP) Certified Hakomi Practitioner & Teacher

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