The Food and Body Freedom Steps

I have bought together three elements that were
essential in my own recovery from addictive compulsive behaviours with food, exercise and my body weight:
Internal Family Systems therapy, body-awareness-healing,
and the 12 Step program of recovery.
These are the Food and Body Freedom Steps.
I see this three-fold approach as a stable three-legged stool,
enabling lasting freedom from cycles of suffering
with food and weight. 
This recovery happens at the level of
body, thought, and spirit.

The Food and Body Freedom Steps offer complete and lasting recovery from any compulsive or addictive cycle
you may be experiencing connected to how and what you eat, how you exercise, and what you weigh. 
I invite you to embark on this journey of the FAB Steps to offer structure and direction
for your individual sessions with me.  Alternatively, you can

What Are The FAB Freedom Steps?

This process of inner transformation will allow you to finally welcome ALL parts of yourself.  You will get to know your compulsive food-&-weight parts as the hard-working inner protectors they are and send them the appreciation
that springs naturally from this awareness. 

From here, you will be able to collaborate with these parts of yourself to discover wholesome new ways to discharge and heal negative emotions, so that you’re no longer harming your health & happiness, creativity, relationships and life-purpose.

This program is suitable for anyone: those with previous experience seeking and finding freedom from disordered or obsessive relationships with body and food, or with none.  I will facilitate and guide a journey of transformation fuelled only by your simple readiness … readiness to bring curiosity to your own unique experiences with food and body and openness to journey within at your own pace to the site of both burdens and freedom.

The FAB Freedom Starpoints act as supportive handrails to hold onto in our journey of the FAB Freedom Steps.

Dr. Richard Schwartz is the founder and creator of Internal Family Systems (IFS), and has been Naomi’s own guide and mentor over her many years developing this program.

Richard endorses the Freedom Steps and the
Food And Body Freedom Steps Programs in this video.

For more information about IFS, go here:

What's The Difference Between the FAB Freedom Steps and the Original 12 Steps when it comes to healing suffering with body-weight & food?

Although there are 12 FAB Freedom Steps and also 12 Steps in the food-focused-12 Step fellowships, the FAB Freedom Steps are in no way an attempt to change or improve on the original programs of recovery.  The FAB Freedom Steps simply draw on the timeless spiritual principles therein with and an inclusion of the body’s role in healing as well as a communication with the many parts of us within, in order to make recovery accessible for those who may not resonate with the original Steps. 

As a therapist working in the field of eating disorders and addictions for many years, I have found that sometimes only certain parts of us want to go to meetings, get sponsors or ‘work the Steps’.  It can sometimes be tempting to only welcome these proactive and enthusiastic parts of ourselves and others. However, true recovery can only blossom when we include, understand and appreciate the role of every part of us: the parts that want us to change,
and those that don’t.

The FAB Freedom Steps include and embrace every part of us: the parts that are excited about change, those that fear it, and those that try to sabotage it.  It is a way to journey through the Steps to lasting food and body freedom where all parts of us can be welcomed, included and supported to relax when ready. 
This journey is for our wholeselves.

To include our whole selves in our recovery journey is the only relaxed path of sustainable positive change.

To hear more about the thinking behind integrating IFS with 12 Step principles go here.

Your Companion Guide

Naomi Nygaard is Founder of FAB (Food and Body) Freedom, a Certified Internal Family Systems and Somatic psychotherapist, and a coach and healer with over twelve years experience helping people individually and in groups to identify and release their inner blocks to achieving freedom from compulsive food cycles, and to love their body and their life.

Naomi herself became free around food and body-weight obsession 15 years ago, and has been increasingly thriving from these roots of freedom ever since. The foundations of her freedom were created in 3 months, and the 3 month FAB Freedom program is based on this process. To find out about Naomi’s own journey to food and body freedom go here.

“Naomi’s guidance is insightful, clear and compassionate. Her energy is rich and draws us in in such a way that we are gently encouraged to look at ourselves deeply, without judgment.

I feel a newfound commitment to help the parts within me to know they are supported and do not have to do this alone.

Between group and individual sessions I was given support and offered accountability. I enjoyed setting my own eating guidelines and I am finding myself feeling better and better able to live into them. In just a few weeks, the despair around food and my body is lifting and I have hope.”

Jaynee, Rapid City, South Dakota

“I attended one of Naomi Nygaard’s workshops earlier this year and it was fabulous. I love how she combines IFS with family constellations – two really powerful complimentary models for transformation… I would highly recommend working with Naomi.” 

Charmain Berry, Accredited Trauma-Focused Psychotherapist.