All compulsive or addictive cycles

Become free from your compulsive connection to drinking alcohol, smoking, watching T.V. or box-sets, using prescribed or non-prescribed drugs, obsessing about romantic connections, and any addictive habit … then you can give to the world in the special way only you can.


I have an unshakeable knowledge that you have already have everything you need to recover peace and freedom in your life, and reclaim your purpose, creativity and life-direction.  I’m dedicated to serving you to become the person the world needs you to be: the key to this is freedom from any additive compulsive habit you are struggling with.

Someone you trust may have mentioned my name, or you came across one of my videos or articles online.  However you found your way here, I’m really glad you’ve arrived.  If you find you’re spending a lot of your precious life energy preoccupied by a behaviour you know is compulsive, like over-eating, drinking more alcohol than feels wholesome, a preoccupation with sex or money, or desperately wanting another person’s attention, you have come to the right place.

I too have suffered from challenging relationships with food, money, and my attachments to other people, and have found joy, health and freedom within these challenges.  The methods I used to release my attachments and find my true life direction can work for anyone, no matter who you are, what you’ve experienced in the past, and what you’re up against now.

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Whatever cycle you feel caught inside, discouraged by or even desperate to escape from, I know you can be free.  What you are currently contending with can be effortlessly released over time through taking simple steps.  You can feel at ease in your own skin and in your own life once again.

Recovery always starts and continues deepening by planting seeds.  Contact me from here and I’ll sign you up to my newsletter and send you inspiration to either begin or deepen your journey of recovery now.  We can stay in touch and exchange information about valuable ways to cultivate freedom.

Wherever you are in your journey…

If this will be the first time you have explored this issue or asked for help, please go here.

If you consider yourself to be already in recovery from your challenges with your addictive behaviour, yet somehow feel unable to access the joy, passion, humour and self-love you know are your birthright, please contact me here and I will send you some valuable inspiration straight away.