Food and Body Image

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Who should work with me?

If you feel caught inside a cycle with food, weight and dieting and it’s making you feel discouraged or even desperate for escape, read on.

I know you can be free.

People I work with fall into one of two categories:

1. You’re new to asking for help with your issue: this is the first time you have sought a solution to your problem.  Please go here.

2.  You’ve tried getting help before: you consider yourself to be already well aware of your challenges with food, yet somehow you’re unable to make your recovery work for you.  You just can’t get beyond your preoccupation with food to access the joy, passion, humour and self-love you know are your birthright.  If this is you, please contact me here and I will send you some valuable inspiration straight away.

Wherever you are at on your journey, I can guide you to find the relief of peace within yourself.  What you are currently contending with can be effortlessly released by taking clear, methodical and simple steps.

How do I know if working with Naomi is right for me?

Schedule a 60 minute Complimentary Session with me so you can find out for yourself.

Get a feel for your level of rightness for this work too by asking yourself these two following questions.  If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of these, I can help you:

Are you ready to reclaim a healthy slimness, sense of aliveness and love of life your heart craves and rightfully deserves?

Are you smart, courageous and generally successful in most areas of your life, but are having a challenge learning to love your body and let go of excess food, weight or diets that don’t bring about results, or the health and happiness you long for?

I encourage openness to the idea that change doesn’t have to take forever and that serenity around food and loving our bodies is possible, even if your past doesn’t reflect this truth.

Still unsure?

You are an ideal fit for this work if you answer ‘Yes’ to any of the following questions:

  1. Am I serious about discovering a new way of relating to food, that will bring about my healing?

  2. Am I ready to show up for myself in ways I have never done before?

  3. Am I willing to learn how to truly relax in my life?

  4. Do I yearn to live with truth and integrity, and to uplift others, simply by being myself?

  5. Do I have an openness and curiosity which allows me to try new things?

  6. Am I willing to make an investment of my time and money in order to transform my relationship with food and my body, and enjoy the many gifts that follow?

  7. Would you like to break free from the powerful grip food has over your mind, let go of pain, hurt and fear from your past, and learn the skills to feel joyful and comfortable in your own body?

  8. Are you tired of knowing that you are an immensely smart and worthy person who, despite your best efforts, has not quite figured out how to solve your problem with overeating? Would you benefit from learning exactly how to shift beyond this painful and destructive cycle to an experience of calmness and confidence in the way you eat?  Do you long for a transformation in your body and health? Would you like to experience so much authentic love from within that the world around you has no option but to reciprocate your love with its gratitude for all that you are?

If you’re a courageous person who resonates with any of this, I encourage you to contact me so we can schedule a complimentary 60 minute session.  Within this sessions, you will gain a heartfelt understanding of exactly what it is that you want to feel about your body and your relationship with food, as well as a gut-level knowing about what’s been preventing you from getting there.

During this call, I will share ideas about how you can get you the lasting results you want, faster than you may have thought possible. 

My promise is that regardless of whether you and I end up working together, this could very well be the best hour youve ever spent.

I bring my wholeself to you in my holistic approach to guide you in your path to experience freedom from a habit of over eating and obsession with food, and the negative body image that follows, so that you can experience more inner freedom and feel more comfortable in your own beautiful body.

Together, we gently support new pathways and patterns in your mind, and a new ease to be experienced in your body.  We acknowledge and honour where parts of you have beenn overworking, taking on roles of managing and controlling food with great effort and limited success.  We may discover parts of you that have been effectively controlling your eating, but at the cost of your health, relationships and inner-peace.

Every step of the way, I act as witness and guide to you in your own creative healing journey of recovery from your preoccupation with food, acting from the understanding that your spiritual essence and wholeself already knows what you need to heal.

What is this process NOT?

This process doesn’t require for you to become a more disciplined, self-controlled or stronger person when it comes to food, but simply requires a heartfelt surrender in your own time of ways of going about things, with food and in life, that haven’t been working, so that who you really are can shine through and light up the entire world.

Often what has been hidden beneath our obsessive thoughts and behaviours with food has been a sense of needing to push to prove ourselves worthy in the world.  Therefore this process is careful never to become just another part of any misguided tendency we may have had to seek a perfection we secretly hope will finally bring us the love we feel is missing from our lives.  This process helps us unfold within the knowledge that, though we will never be perfect, we can live a life free from the burden of our painful problem with food.

What does this process involve?

This process involves the setting up of a gentle yet powerful feedback system that will support you in bringing you increased awareness about what has led you to feeling so stuck with food.  Through this process, new choices can be made and it will feel effortless and natural to you, since it will arise out of a place of relaxing rather than forcing a particular result.  Though I will guide you and make suggestions based on what you tell me, essentially, you will be the one in control of the pace and nature of this process.

I offer a number of options to guide you in your recovery.  One is a 12 month program, which involves weekly in-person or videocall sessions and regular check-ins in between.  I also offer shorter support-programs and one-off sessions as you ease yourself gently into this process.  The structure you choose may well change as you blossom in your recovery.  Please go to Prices for more details.