One-to-One Therapy/Coaching/Food & Body Freedom Mentorship: Agreements


Everything we discuss in our sessions is confidential, except

  1. for the purposes of supervision
  2. unless in my opinion there may be a risk of harm to you or others.

I receive ongoing supervision to allow me to gain support and guidance in my work and to check that I am working ethically and competently.  If I refer to you in supervision, it will be using your first name only.  If this does not feel okay with you let me know, and I can find an alternative.  Any other distinguishing features will be kept confidential in order to keep your identity anonymous.


Sessions are normally 1 or 1.5 hours long, to be pre-decided by you.  Of course, you are free to end the session early if you wish.  We would normally meet weekly, as this greatly assists you in being supported and guided in your process of food and body freedom. 

We will review the work that we are doing together periodically, giving us both the chance to assess how we are doing together, and whether you feel it is right for you.  If you do decide to stop attending our sessions, I would like to be told about this and, if possible, for us to have an ending session.

My fees are detailed here, unless we have written agreement of an alternative pricing structure.  Fees are subject to regular review and I commit to keep you informed in advance of any change before it takes effect.  Please make full payment either before the session, or on the day of the session.  All unpaid balances must be settled before therapy can commence.

I require 48 hours’ notice in advance if you can’t make a session.  It is fine to leave a message on my answer-phone or send a text or email if you need to cancel as these are checked regularly.  The full fee is payable if a session is missed without 48 hours prior notice.  

My bank details for BACS transfers will be sent to you once you’ve read and agreed to these terms.

For international payments, I recommend Transferwise or Paypal. Once you agree in writing to these terms, I will send you the details of how to pay in these ways.

You may wish for the session to be recorded, for revisiting what we explored in that session.  If so, please let me know ahead of the session, so that I can set this up.  After the session, I would then send you the video/audio recording (whichever you prefer) via We Transfer.  You would then have 7 days to download the file, after which I would remove the recording from my own device. 

The fee for this is an extra £5.00 / $7.00, to be added to the cost of the session/session-package.  The recording would be for your use only.


I work online using Zoom.  I will send you a link by email before or at the time of each of our meetings. You click on this link and that should take you to a meeting room. For backup, if the Zoom connection fails, my mobile phone no. to call from the US is (011 first from the US, then) + 44 7816 366 351.   Appointments can also be via FaceTime, Skype, Whatsapp, or a non-video phone-call.

Otherwise, appointments will be from my therapy room at Devonshire Acupuncture on Eldon Street, Sheffield S1, or at my home clinic at 15 Spotswood Mount, Sheffield S14 1LG.  Ample available free parking spaces can be found in the carpark at both locations.


You may decide you want to focus our individual sessions specifically on a journey through the FAB (Food and Body) Freedom Steps and an implementation of the FAB “Starpoints of Support” (for challenges with food and body-image), or The Freedom Steps (for other compulsive or addictive cycles). 

These are processes originally created and intended for groups.  This is because recovery from these cycles involves a lessening of our inner-shaming and inner-shame.  To identify with others who have similar struggles and challenges along the way supports this hugely.

If you choose to receive guidance and support for your recovery using the Freedom Steps and you are NOT simultaneously taking part in one of the group programs I offer, please be aware of the following: 

Without the group-element, the process of the Freedom Steps can take more time to digest, absorb, and progress through and can require more sessions from me to support this.  I would not recommend that you receive the guidance for more than one Step and Starpoint per month, and within that month, I would recommend a minimum of two sessions with me for feedback, accountability, and support.  More regular sessions than this and perhaps a slower pace through the material is advisable, in order to ensure genuine and lasting change.  This helps prevents any impatient parts of us that may want to ‘check boxes’ or ‘fix this asap’ to relax and allow the process of sustainable transformation to unfold organically.

If you’re curious about the FAB Freedom Steps or Freedom Steps process and you’d like to know more, please do let me know.  Or if you’d prefer that our work remained less structured and without this focus, I believe that would  also totally fine and beneficial to you.  Let your intuition be your guide here.  We can also discuss this together and you can always change your mind at any stage.


It is not okay to attend our sessions whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol or to harm yourself in any way during the sessions.  Please inform me if you are taking any medication, prescribed or otherwise.


If you should have any complaints about the way that I work, please let me know.  We can discuss what has happened between us.  If necessary, I can provide you with the details of the complaints handling procedure for the psychology governing organising of which I am a member.


Please go here to view my Refunds Policy.  Should you have any questions about this, please let me know:

Refund Policy


Please confirm that you  have read and understood the above information and agree to the conditions for our work together as it has been made clear to you.  Please do so by printing out this page as a pdf document here, signing, and sending it back to me at

Many Thanks