Six-Pointed Star of FAB (Food and Body) Freedom

What needs to be in place to support us to be free from food and body-image obsession?

I’ve created a Star, which simply states the process of freedom as I myself have experienced it, and as I’ve guided many women to themselves be free.

The Star shows the holistic nature of freedom – a collection of actions, perhaps more of a garden than steps, where every part of the garden is kept tended for maintaining our freedom.

The Food Freedom Steps are anchored in the six practices required to get totally free, and to stay free. I’ve called these practices the “six points” on the star of Food and Body-Image (FAB) Freedom.

I believe we need every point on this star to be shining in our lives, in order to finally find a sustainable freedom around food and body-weight challenges.  When we slip or falter, we can come back to our centre and reflect on which point of the star might need a bit of a polish!

The six points of the FAB Star are:

1.) Creating Space

2.) Our FAB Support Network

3.) Slowing Time using The Eating Guidelines

4.) Loving Food Boundaries

5.) Finding our Vision

6.) Being happy in our Skin

Below are three videos I’ve created which describe these ‘points’.  They are different time lenghts, depending on how much time you have to invest in learning about the path to freedom right now.

4:50 Length description of Freedom Star-Points:

6:57 Length description of Freedom Star-Points:

17:00 Length description of Freedom Star-Points: