Your Freedom Steps

Thank you for joining me to learn about Your Freedom Steps.

Let me share that this healing modality springs right out of my own experience of addictive and compulsive behaviors, specifically overeating sugary foods such as cakes and cookies and muffins, romantic fantasizing (thinking that many of the men I met in my life would be perfect and my “prince charming” – is there such a thing as a perfect human-being?), and financial stuckness and drama.

Three things helped me get free, by combining in a very potent and life-bringing triad: embodied mindfulness, Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS), and 12 Step recovery.

These three all came into my life at same time.  I had just a slight seed of willingness, readiness and hope to be open to them all… and this was all it took, due to the power of this combination of elements.

These are the three things that helped me get free from food obsession and compulsive habits, to discover and live vibrantly in the body that is the size I love, to find the (imperfect but lovely) husband for me, and to create sanity, balance, and abundance in my financial life.

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