A compulsive part

Being caught in a compulsive cycle, be it eating more than our body needs, shopping for things we didn’t plan for, using pornography compulsively, drinking more alcohol than we would like to do, or whatever it is we find ourselves doing… can feel as though we have been possessed by a part of us that we don’t recognise and that we struggle to control.

I use therapy and coaching methods to help people bring freedom from compulsive behaviours in a way that feels more effortless than might be expected.  The addictive pattern can be experienced as behaviour coming from a part of us, and not all of us.  This simple shift in thinking – that our addictive action is coming from one part of us, and not from the whole of who we are, is absolutely life changing.

Yes, it can take steady daily practice to really create this shift in our awareness, and it can take a little guidance to support ourselves to really integrate the change.  The rewards of these simple actions are that we get our sense of wholeness and integrity back, and can release our enslavement to our compulsive behaviour.

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