Courage & Confidence Meditation for Food and Body Freedom

This Meditation is for bringing confidence and clarity for developing lasting Food & Body Freedom even when facing the wreckage of the past, uncertainty in the present, and the fear of an unknown future.

The dominant global emotional resonance through March and April has been fear.  For many of the women I work with, this has been affecting the way they eat.  Old habits and unwholesome patterns around food and body weight obsession have been more intense than ever…

Now, shifting into May, there is the opportunity to end and let go of that chapter, and begin to embrace something fresh, new, and never-before discovered.  This is especially true and potent today: the May full moon.  I’ve timed this newsletter for right now.

In order to step into fresh energy in food and life and to create wholesome new pathways, we need to connect with the deepest, healthiest inner wellspring we have available to us: our True Self.

Distraction and preoccupation with anxious, looping thoughts have been at a collective all-time high as we face uncertainty and external pressures like we may have never known.  In order to truly know what food our body needs and to feed it from this inner embodied intuition, we need to feel safe, grounded, and whole.

This meditation when used steadily over time will support you to release the old paradigm of fear and obsessive thinking and replace it with something new.  In time and with practice coming back to yourself in this way, you will receive clarity about the next right action each moment, and the courage and confidence to take them.

I love to hear how my offerings land and how things are for you right now in food, body, and life, so do reach out and share your experiences with me.  I am here for you.