Meditation to Release Compulsive Eating Caused by Fear & Anxiety

Hello Dearest Friends.
This Meditation is for supporting lasting Food & Body Freedom when fear is rife.
Many women I serve have shared with me their increased anxiety levels during this time of worldwide stress and uncertainty.  For some, this underlying sense of unsafety is having a negative effect on their food and eating.
If this is you, then read/watch on.  In the video below, I’ll share how I believe our reactions make sense, and what we can do to resource ourselves in a way that soothes and calms us sustainably. 

Compulsive over or undereating to tackle stress and fear doesn’t ultimately work or last.  Here is an embodied practice for facing your feelings in a way that isn’t overwhelming and can help you not need to use food or undereating to numb out or stuff down your fears.
No matter what you’re going through at this time: worry about your health or that of your loved ones; economic insecurity in your job, business, or investments; grief, loss, pain … over and under-eating never helps in the long-run. 

Food-coping-strategies only ever delay facing a reality of life: we have limited power to control our lives and make everything work out just the way we want them to.  Ouch.
This can really hurt to face, however our suffering grows if we distract from this truth using food/not-eating.  When we kick the can of feeling-our-feelings down the road, our relationship with food can do nothing but get more extreme over time.
This video offers some respite at this very charged time.

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With love,