Food-Freedom Breath Practices

In the below video, I share two breath practices that I’ve found extremely helpful in creating the inner-space needed to discover and release my own blocks to freedom from food obsession.

It can be powerfully effective to begin any reflective journaling practice with these breaths, or to use them as a stand-alone way of stilling and calming yourself throughout your day.

There’s a choice of two breath practices here: one is more a free-style breath, and one is more structured: see which suits you best on any given day.

Do reach out to me here if you’re not using these breaths as part of a your journey through the 3 month Food Freedom Steps program with me: I can send you some suggestions right away for reflective journalling to do after you’ve practiced these breaths, to guide you into a deeper awareness of what may be blocking you from finding food and body-image freedom.