How the Whole World Could be Causing our Compulsive Overeating

I have a pet theory: that we are all connected, deeply, as one human family, at a very real energetic level.

Since being a child, I was fascinated by certain images: those showing how thin a person can get when they don’t have enough to eat, or are malnourished. And those showing how someone looks when they eat way more than their body needs. Both sets of images were somehow terrifying and fascinating to me.

What if I took personally shocking images, in a way that changed how I feel about and behave with food? I believe I did, and that it did.

I believe that “overeating” in one country is a reaction to “not enough food” in another country.

I believe it is on some deep level disturbing for any human to see (or sense) another human going through hell, struggling to survive. We may have to numb out in order not to feel this. I reckon we tend to imagine ourselves in the same position in some conscious or subconscious way, and it moves us and changes us.

What if the years I went through of overeating before I found my freedom, were fuelled by a fear of ‘not enough’ in a world where ‘not enough’ is indeed a reality for so many?

For many of the women I work with to guide them free of patterns of compulsive overeating, we discover there is something underneath a simple love of the pleasure of the food, and a wish to numb out uncomfortable feelings: a terror of starvation.

Can that which I’ve made it my life’s work to help heal, one woman at a time, ever be fully healed on a global level, unless we know and see and sense that, as a human family, we all have access to enough?