Keeping your seat

I find that I feel in the flow when I commit an action at a particular time, and carry out that action within the time-plan I’d created.  But is life always like this?  For me, it’s more often not like this.

So… how to ‘keep our seats’ when other people’s needs mix with our own and life events, sometimes unexpected or unplanned, keep on happening, on and on?  People interupt my plan, I get an unexpeccted email, I feel the need to respond to something straight away, and before I know it, I’ve transgressed my own plan for my life.  Will I ever get to that feeling of flow I long for, or am I condemned to keep putting off my plan to be in flow for some future calm moment that might never come?

At these times, I notice a part of me starts to get really tense… and can even lash out at the world and try to stick to my boundaries and my plan.

It’s at times like these that I know I need to use breath to help me find my seat again. Parts of me are feeling threatened and disregarded in their needs, and they long to know I’m listening to them, as well as to the world.  As I connect with them inside, I am pausing my automatic pilot and creating a new expericne – it only takes a moment… the neck can soften, the jaw unclench and my internal soothing conversation shows my own parts, who have their own needs, that I’m present with them as being of service in the world.

As I practice this more regularly, I am slowly learning how to do this without shouting at anyone first.