The Medicine for Healing Perfectionism in Food, Body, and Life

In this video, I share with you the medicine I’ve found for healing perfectionism in food, body, and life.

I myself was part-paralysed by perfectionism for much of my childhood and early adulthood.  My creativity had little or no expression, because I feared what others would think of me and my creations.  I was terrified I’d ‘get it wrong’, not ‘be good enough’, and that, as a result, I’d be rejected, judged, or ignored.  


It felt much easier to reject, judge, and ignore my own creative ideas, and instead to allow my main focus to be on what, when, and how much I ate and how I looked/how much I weighed.  This was a familiar cycle that kept me stuck and, strangely, ‘safe’.  It kept me out of conscious contact with the medicine I needed for healing my own perfectionism: my natural self. 


In my 14 Day FAB Freedom Bootcamp, and 3-month FAB Freedom program, I share the foundations of freedom from the perfectionism and the paralysis that accompanies being caught in negative cycles with food and our bodies. 


From guiding hundreds of women to find food and body freedom, I’ve observed that food and body perfectionism softens and even dissolves entirely through this process.  It is a process of rediscovering and reconnecting with our own natural unique and selves. 


As we become free from our inner judgements of how we “should” be, so we discover ourselves.  Qualities of Self that may have been locked up or lying dormant for many years once again emerge into the light of our daily lives: we find we can allow ourselves to show up in all our messy, awkward, fun, feeling, imperfect glory. 


Much more energy becomes available to us through this process: energy we can now channel into our creative lives, into our relationships … into the areas of life that most make each of us as individuals come alive.


In short, the medicine that creates freedom from perfectionism is ourselves, just the way we are.  To discover this for ourselves through freedom in food and body, we find a way out of the tangle of fear-thinking perfectionism, and, accompanied by our natural Self, can relax in our lives.