This ‘being with’ is movement

Hello Friends,

I intend to start posting reflections here more regularly, and a good place to start is with my passion: the elegant work of healing trauma through the human body.

I work using Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP), integrating this creative expressive method into my work as an Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapist.  The work I do is to help people relax compulsive addictive tendencies and anxiety, and uncover and release blocks to love.

IFS has been named one of the top three therapies for healing trauma, but how does it differ from other psychotherapeutic ways of healing trauma?  One way is that it starts with the body, and is anchored through the body throughout the process.  In this and all other ways, it is aligned with DMP.

Both in IFS and through exploring dance and movement as therapy, I have come to see that my body always gives me direct access to ‘where it hurts’. When I allow enough time and space for mindful, kindly exploration, I am shown where there is readiness, and what might need to happen next for my healing journey.  This might be as simple as ‘being with’ whatever is there, in my body, connected to my breath.

This ‘being with’, in itself, is dance and movement.

With love,

Naomi x