Ending the “No-Sugar Failure” Cycle

I’m not a big fan of sugar. That’s because in the past I was SUCH a big fan of sugar that it fuelled my food and body-image obsession. Sugar makes great fuel! Until there’s a crash… which I did, in my early twenties, when I thankfully started on my journey of food freedom.

I’ve since done a lot of research into the biology and chemistry of sugar’s affect on the human body since then. It fascinates me. I have woven what I’ve learned into the structure of the Food Freedom process: the way I support people to be free. 

The knowledge I offer about sugar’s effect on us seems to bring about one of two reactions in parts of the women I work with. Sometimes it make them feel even guiltier for eating it: “I know this isn’t good for me, and I’m still doing it! How weak am I, and what a total failure!”

I’m well aware of this potential reaction from our inner-critics, and thus have found a path out of sugar-obsession which is sturdy and steady, but also gentle. Self-blame is never the way out.

You see, part of the science I’ve discovered about sugar is that it really does seem to have an addictive effect on us at a physiological level, and so any notions of being a failure with a weakness-of-will simply dissolve when we truly understand and ‘digest’ this … and then the beating-up on ourselves can end.