How do we free ourselves from a toxic Christmas rollercoaster?

Every year at this time I notice something in myself and others: an individual and collective fever-pitch of perfectionism and pushing in the run-up to Christmas.  This is followed by a collective numb-out from the 24th onwards as we blow off the tension this generated through over-eating, over-drinking, and watching TV.

It can be hard to resist this collective tendency.  Many of us are sensitive, and we may pick up on this contracting energy.  The demands and expectations others put on themselves may spill over onto us, and it can be more difficult than usual to resist the “shoulds” that everything should be perfect in time for Christmas.

For some of us, there can be the added stress of wondering how we will behave around food or alcohol.  Will we resist temptation, or will there be a blow-out that may feel relief and relaxation in the moment, but which inevitably leads to self-criticism and body shame: calling ourselves weak, fat, or a failure?

Here’s a video where I share my thoughts about a shift in thinking, where we can remember to access the resources we need to smooth our way … so that we can do our own thing and let the rest of society do its manic dance in our absence. 

I believe that to keep calm and be gentle with ourselves – lower the bar – pre-christmas, serves us to keep calm around food and alcohol during and after christmas.


If you do find Christmas and the New Year a whirlwind, and you’d like some time to regroup and come back to yourself gently, feel free to schedule a free session with me for the early new year here.

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With wintery warmth and gratitude,

Naomi Nygaard