What’s the Difference Between God and Self?

In this video I touch on something I am asked about a lot, and something I’ve spent years reflecting on: the difference between God and Self.

There is an essence, an energy, a medicine … It has been for me the heart and source of my journey of freedom from negative food and body-weight cycles, as well as the other compulsive and addictive tendencies that I’ve since faced and healed.

I am someone who has found the concept of God calming, reassuring.  I have received comfort and clarity when I’ve been willing to ask for help and support from the God of my understanding.

Engaging with this concept and using it in my life was the energetic shift that I required to enable me to steadily recover over time from a host of addictions: addictions to over and under eating, to being very thin and looking ‘perfect’, addictions to relationships and to super-achieving.

As first student of and now therapist practicing Internal Family Systems, I’ve embraced another life-changing concept also key to my continued recovery: Self.  I understand Self as the well-spring of qualities within us that we need to make wise choices, care for ourselves and others, and act appropriately in response to our lives.

What’s the difference between the God of 12 Step recovery, and the Self of Internal Family Systems therapy?  In this video I explore this question a little more, and welcome your feedback, identification, and further questions in response to my words.

With love and gratitude,

Naomi Nygaard