My Own First Moments of Hope for Food and Body Freedom.

Hi I’m Naomi Nygaard, the creator of FAB Freedom. 

FAB stands for food and body freedom, and it’s a system for supporting complete, gentle, and simple shifts from food obsession and body hatred, to a place of freedom and thriving. 

My work over the past 10 years has helped hundreds of women find this freedom, and I’m confident that no matter how long you may have struggled in this area of your life, FAB freedom can be yours too.

What bought me to this work?  Well, in one simple word: suffering. 

Long before I started training as a therapist specialising in this area, and even before I started working as a coach, and before that a support worker in this field, I was totally obsessed with food myself, and totally disconnected from my body, except to let it know how much I hated it’s fat.  I remember staring at my belly in front of a mirror once around 20 years ago and weeping with anger towards myself at the fat I saw there.  It feels like a totally different person when I think of this now.

Around 16 years ago in my early twenties I was working as a waitress in a café/restaurant which sold the most delicious chocolate millionaire shortbread I’d ever tasted.  All through each shift I’d be totally preoccupied with this stuff, and, if I thought I could get away with it, I’d hide in the restrooms with a square, gobbling it before anyone noticed that I – or the cake- was missing. 

If there were ever any desserts left over, I would volunteer to take them home.  I remember many an afternoon and evening spent after my working hours were over, just me and the desserts.  It was like a lonely love-affair! 

Then I found a book.  This became my chocolate-cake companion.  And though I was still lost in my daily obsession with food, something started to change through the reading of this book.  It was called Fat is a Feminist Issue, and had been written by a woman named Susie Orbach back in the mid 1970s. 

It’s about what’s going on when women can’t stop eating.  A weird thing happened when I read this book.  Even though I’d just come out of 18 years of education, I’d never before felt so passionate about the information contained within a book.  I remember studying that book – writing out whole passages of it – doing all the suggested exercises, journaling and journaling about how it related to me….  basically clinging to every word. 

The book gave me relief on so many levels: this obsession with food and my body shape I had had for so long was a real thing, other women had it too – I wasn’t alone – and there was a solution!  This all hit me at once.

It took me another few years to find my way to the biggest leaps I took to my own freedom, but the sense of hope and inspiration this book gave me was the beginning.  And now, years later, totally free of obsession with food and how my body looks and how much it weighs, I spend most of my days passionately researching and sharing what works for freedom, supporting my clients in my group programs and individually, and always trying it on for myself too… what helps to have us love our body the most gently and vibrantly, take the best care of ourselves and our families with nourishing food, have those critical parts of us that can be simply vicious when it comes to what we eat and how we look – that even tell us we’re a fat failure – agree to get still and gentle…  

One thing I know for sure, is that this world needs us women.  It needs us to be vibrant, present, nourished, relaxed, in our flow, healthy, and well.  Food and body obsession keeps us blocked from living the lives we love, contributing to the world from our genius, and being connected to one another to creatively face some of the massive challenges of our time.

I invite you to click on the link to sign up for my free guide here, and begin this journey of FAB freedom today.  I look forward to our paths crossing as we walk this daily path of food and body freedom.

Naomi Nygaard