Wardrobe Declutter = Act of Love

What I find with so many of the women I’ve supported to find FAB Freedom, is that the Food and Body freedom leads to a natural readiness to take it further… to thrive.

The way we eat and the way we experience our bodies are so entwined.  As we relate to food differently, so we naturally come to love our bodies more fully, and this means some changes naturally get made about what we no longer wish to put up with.

Here’s an example: How many of us have kept a varying range of clothes-sizes in our wardrobes, hoping we’ll one day fit into those jeans again, or look good in that dress we used to wear?  How many of us have used items of clothing we love as carrots dangled in the directions of our weight-loss goals?

If this resonates, I invite you to be courageous, and begin a declutter of such clothes now. Sustainable freedom and positive lasting change only evercomes from a place of “I’m okay… no beautiful! … today”.  We make this impossible for ourselves if we’re harbouring in our wardrobes our own secret desires to be different.

I believe that when we keep these clothes on hand, we buy into the illusion that happiness, freedom, and joy are only possible “when I get there.”  Love of ourselves and connection with our bodies will remain elusive to us if we insist on pushing it into the future, and loading it with conditions.

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I look forward to our paths crossing soon on this journey of FAB Freedom & Thriving.


Naomi Nygaard