In just 1 minute this can turn my day from troubled to centred

In this video, I describe how in just one minute I can become a channel of love for troubled parts of me.  This helped me many times each day, early on when I was emerging from my compulsive food cycles and body-hatred.  This method helped me as I begun to find a place of peace within myself, in the midst of a host of negative thoughts and emotions.

I love this concept of being a ‘channel’.  It works just as well for me now as it did when I was feeling anxious, depressed, or stressed.  It helps parts of me that criticise my anxiety, or try to push me out of it, or get busy trying to ‘fix’ … helps them to relax and give me space.  In this space, I find I can direct awareness, attention, love, care, and gentleness to wherever inside me it is needed.

This practice is part of my creation of the Freedom Steps: Freedom Step 11, which combines Internal Family Systems with the 12 Steps and embodied awareness for gentle, complete and lasting positive change.

To find out more about the Steps and how they can guide us from compulsive or addictive cycles to peace and freedom, feel free to sign up for a 30-minute consultation with me here, and I will be delighted to share more:

In gratitude,

Naomi Nygaard